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gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami

gv vending coffee

gv vending coffee
Café Classic Pod System

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee (or tea) any time at all with Café Classics myriad pod choices…origin, roasts, and blends as well as black tea, herbal tea and green tea. We will have the perfect pod for you.

Café Classics Coffee Pods are slow roasted to allow all of the subtle (and, not so subtle) nuances of each coffee to shine, either as a single origin or as a blend. We then package our pods in the finest film while we remove 98% of the oxygen which allows for maximum freshness.

Available coffee pods are:

Donut Shop - Medium Roast
• Colombian Supremo - Medium Roast
• Sumatra Mandheling - Medium Roast
• Guatemala Antigua - Light Roast
• Italian Roast - Bold
• Breakfast Blend - Medium Roast
• French Roast - Darkest Roast
• Classic Blend - Medium Roast
• Decaf Colombian - Medium Roast
• French Vanilla - Full Flavor
• Hazelnut - Rich, Nutty and Spicy
• Jamaican Me Crazy:
Caramel, Vanilla and Rum
• Decaf Hazelnut - Decaffeinated Delight
• Espresso- Italians love us!

Available tea pods:
• Green Tea with Lemon
• China’s Finest Green with Lemon
• Herbal Fruit Tea
• Fruity With Hints of Spice
• English Breakfast
• Traditional Ceylon BOP
• Darjeeling

Small-medium Office
K-Cup System

Key Features: 4 Cup Sizes: 4oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, & 10 oz* - Full-color Interactive Touchscreen Control - Drainable Internal Hot Water Tank - Removable 90 oz Reservoir - Quiet Brew™ Technology.

Weight: 18 lb empty; 24 lb full Dimensions: 13 7/8"H x 10 3/8"W x 14"D 13.87"H x 10.37"W x 14"D

gv vending coffee
Keurig K-Cup System

Our large office, full featured model, perfect for offices that prefer the utmost convenience!

For locations of 30 or more employees or food service locations.

Key Features: 1. Automatic used K-Cup® ejection and storage. 2. Direct line water plumbing for high capacity brewing. 3. Unlimited Back-to-Back Brewing every 60 seconds. 4. Four brew sizes – 4, 6, 8, 10 oz 5. Vending compatible with full featured coin changer.

Size 12"W X 18"D X 17 3/8"H
30 Pounds

gv vending coffee

Available k-cups flavors:

Green Mountain

• Colombian Supremo
• Breakfast Blend
• Our Blend
• Nantucket Blend
• Lake & Lodge
• French Roast
• Sumatra EB
• Breakfast Blend Decaf
• Vermont Country Blend Decaf
• French Vanilla
• French Vanilla Decaf
• Hazelnut
• Hazelnut Dark Extra Bold
• Hazelnut Decaf
• Mocha Nut Fudge
• Rain Forest Nut
• Caramel Vanilla
• Newman’s Owen Spec Blend
• Newman’s Owen Spec Decaf
• English Breakfast Tea
• Breen Tea
• Decaf. Green Tea
• Lemon Zinger Tea

K-cups come 24 per box.

• Colombian Vereda
• Colombian Decaf
• Italian Blend
• San Lorenzo Dark
• Mocha French
• German Choc-Cake
• Irish Cream
• Cinnamon Pastry
• Chinese Green Tea

Newco Airpot
Fresh Brew

Special features:

Touch Key Buttons:
customized for coffee type or container type.

Digital Time Display:
lets you know when the coffee will be done.

Touch Key Button Kit:
includes a variety of different labels that customize your brewer and make brewing accommodating
and simple.

For more detailed information about Newco Airpot Systems click here.

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