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gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami
gv vending miami

G.V. Vending offers a wide range of convenient vending
services to fit your worksite or school needsgv vending products

At GV Vending we believe the right product mix is one ofthe key ingredients to a successful vending program. When we install a machine at a new location we will set the machine up with products that we feel will be a good fit for your company.

Ultimately your employees will determine what they want in their machine. Our route drivers will keep a careful eye on what is actually selling and make sure they keep those items in plentiful supply and will also alert you to the items that are not selling and will suggest alternative products.

We encourage your employees to communicate with our route drivers to let us know if the product mix is what you want. If you have a desire for a particular type of product product send us an email and we will try to have that product for you on our next scheduled delivery.

Carbonated soft drinks:

We carry a full line of brand name carbonated soft drinks to keep your employees refreshed including Coke, Pepsi and 7UP products. We can offer both 12oz cans and 20oz bottles depending on your preference.

Non carbonated soft drinks:

Non carbonated beverages are becoming increasing popular and we have a wide variety to select from.
We sell a variety of different waters both still and mineral, juices, teas and different fruit blended drinks.


Our snack machines can carry up to 45 different items. We have a variety of different chips, pastries, candy, soups, crackers and low carb items to suit the needs of your employees. If your favorite selection is not in their hunt us down and let us know.

Fresh and Frozen food:

If you have a large account or have multiple shifts running 24 hours a day then you could qualify for one of our cold food or frozen vending machines and enjoy a combination of fresh sandwiches, fruits, burritos, pizzas, frozen dinners, ice cream and a host of other quick serve type products.

Hot Beverages:

We have a wide range of freshly brewed coffee, tea and hot specialty drinks to choose from. Coffee tastes vary from company to company and we have a wide variety to choose from. Give us the time and we will schedule a coffee tasting session for your employees.

Healthy Snacks:

Included in our Line up is a range of healthy alternatives. From baked chips to Trail Mix and juices we have a line up of healthy alternatives including low carb products.

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